Testing & Analysis

Urodynamic (UDS) and Anorectal Manometry (ARM) testing service

  • MMC is the first ever remote UDS and ARM interpretation service created
  • We offer expert, board-certified physician specialist interpretations of all test results that also include recommendations for treatment
  • MMC will help train any staff member, on site, to appropriately perform these tests at a reasonable cost
    • Help practices acquire their own testing equipment at exceptional prices to perform their own studies
    • No need to rely on outside companyies to schedule testing when you can do it all yourself at a fraction of the cost!
  • Our unique portal allows for the interpretations to be quickly and easily sent over via secured website to our interpreters
    • Intrepretations returned to your practice within 3 days
  • Each practice location has a specific interpreter dedicated to that practice for consistency of interpretations
  • Interpreters are available for follow up questions if needed
  • Excellent service for any hospital system of group practice to help generate significant revenue while accurately diagnosing pelvic floor issues